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January Newsletter

by | 03/01/2017 | KBH News, Uncategorized

“We all get the exact same 365 days. The only difference is what we do with them.”


I love the start of a New Year, full of endless possibilities, it’s a blank canvas on which to write your story of 2017, I’m sure you have your plans in place because if you don’t, then someone else will write your story, so make sure you open the door to your future and don’t wait for someone else to seize your opportunities.


Let’s just take a moment to reflect on the final successes of 2016.


Top Sales: 🎉

  1. Katy Reed

2.Claire Rothwell

  1. Judith Smurthwaite
  2. Shelley Brown

5.Debbie Todd


Top Team : 🎆

1.Katy’s Kreatives

  1. Honey Beez
  2. Hunny Pots


Top Business Builder: 🍾

Katy Reed


Top Activity: 👏

Hunny Pots


Top Team Builder: 🤗

Alex Ford


We really did have an amazing 2016 and thank you all so much for being part of it and I can’t think of a nicer way to start 2017 than by hearing the story of someone who was never out of the top 3 sales in 2016. The wonderful and inspirational Claire Rothwell.


This is her story 🙂


My name is Claire Rothwell and I’m Lancashire born and bred, living in a small town near Accrington. (The same Accy Stanley FC made famous by the milk advert!). My husband Martin is a teacher and my boys, James & Dan are engineers in the nuclear and aeronautical industries. Scouting is a major part of my life and in a roundabout way is the reason I got into sand art. Last year, I did a huge fundraising campaign for our Scout Group, involving offering crafts including sand art as an activity. It went so well, I managed to buy 5 brand new 8 man tents for our Scout Group and had in fact enjoyed it so much, I decided to look for a more professional way of doing sand art as a business for myself. So in March this year, I signed up to KBH and bought some stock and equipment and have never looked backed. The first week, I took it in to trial on our Beaver Scouts and can honestly say that we’ve never known them to be so absorbed and quiet, as sand art worked its magic. Later in the year, the Scouts who are much older and bolshy than the Beavers, also had a go at sand art. Again, they were totally absorbed and very quiet for a good 30 minutes. I quickly found that sand art sells itself, there is very little need to push it, which is good because I’d never done selling before and am not really comfortable with pushing for sales. Demonstrating how sand art works is definitely the key to a sale. Sand art has done wonders for my confidence in myself as well. Selling is a career that I never imagined myself being good at, not in a million years! So to get top sales a few times has been rather a shock and I can only put it down to genuinely loving the product and sharing that enthusiasm with people. I don’t push for sales, that’s just not my thing, but love to show children how magical it is , even if it means repeating the same thing over and over again! The look of wonder on a child’s face when they see it work never ceases to amaze me and their pride in the finished product is fabulous. It often makes my chuckle when I see parents as equally absorbed in sand art as their child and quite often, the tables can’t be seen for mums and dads getting stuck in with the kids. There aren’t many activities where mum, dad, grandparents can join in with children and each of them have as much fun as each other. Sand art is just awesome and I love that fact that people can do it whether they are crafty or not. It makes me so happy when I hear parents say that they are astounded that their child who never does anything but play on the Xbox spends 30 minutes absorbed in sand art. This year has been a learning curve, some events have worked really well and others haven’t. Plans for next year are to continue to spread the magic of sand art, by attending events, recruiting a team and continuing to enjoy myself along the way.


Thanks Claire for sharing your story and I know you will continue to inspire us throughout 2017.



We all know that January and February are always exciting for those who want to start or continue to build their teams and businesses, so we would like to introduce, a new Quick Start Programme to reward your new recruits and get them active and earning profits quickly.


It is all based on the new recruit becoming active ( 80 points or more) in the first month of joining.


KBH Quick Start Programme:


Month 1. Marketing Stationery + KBH Bag

Month 2. Apron

Month 3. 250 Personalised Business cards.


Active every month to Month 6 – Essential Roller Banner


What a great incentive to start off your business in 2017 🤗


I’m sure that you all have your 2017 diaries filling already with events but don’t forget to put your personal  events in there too. ( school holidays, birthdays etc) that way you don’t ever have to cancel an event and have a really well balanced approach to the new year. You are making it happen not waiting for it to happen.


We’ll be back soon with Part 2 of the Newsletter and the results of the SPA INCENTIVE……