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Introducing the Kids Bee Happy Brand Ambassadors

by | 01/08/2017 | Awards, Doing Business, Teambuilding, Training

Are you a Kids Bee Happy Ambassador?

Traditionally, direct sales companies are very good to giving recognition to people who build big teams, or who knock out top sales month after month.   But here at Kids Bee Happy we are very aware that there is a massive group of people who contribute just as much to the success of Kids Bee Happy, but who don’t get loud and noisy recognition in the newsletters.

So, with effect from August we will be creating Kids Bee Happy Ambassadors.  To be a Kids Bee Happy ambassador you need to be have been with Kids Bee Happy for at least 12 months, and have achieved active status for 10 out of 12 months each year.

And to reward as well as recognise our Ambassadors, we will be sending you out a pin badge so that you can (discreetly or loudly) display your success, and in addition there will be a unique special offer code each month giving you access to an exclusive special offer only for Ambassadors.

We look forward to welcoming our first set of Ambassadors at the end of the month.