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How would you feel if an event organiser cancelled your booking last minute?   –  Pretty Crap?  Well Read on…

by | 02/08/2017 | Doing Business, Events, Leadership, Teambuilding, Training

During the past few weeks we have had a number of consultants that have cancelled events at the last minute.  Even worse, we’ve had consultants who simply haven’t turned up and haven’t even been polite enough to contact the organisers and let them know why.    With Kids Bee Happy everyone’s business benefits from being part of a brand that represents quality, consistency, and high customer service, so if a consultant doesn’t turn up then it impacts on everyone.

It also has a knock on effect and impacts on the reputation and bookings of other consultants.

There is never an excuse not to turn up.  90% of the time an other team member can cover or a borrow box can be arranged.

And PLEASE – never book multiple events for the same times – you cannot be in two places at once and you are guaranteed to be letting someone down.