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How Does your Garden Grow?

by | 09/05/2017 | Andrea Morrison, Mindset and Life Coach Skills, Uncategorized

Have you ever noticed how weeds grow particularly quickly at this time of year? I love gardening but I’m not great at it, it’s something that always gets left to the bottom of the list of things to do, I just put it off until it just has to be done! So when the time came for me to tackle it and get out there I found an enormous bramble bush had grown behind our shed which was starting to creep all around the bottom of the garden. As I was tackling it, and it was attacking me (or so it seemed) it made me think that this is a lot like life!! If only I’d done some gardening a bit sooner, I wouldn’t be in this position!
Have you ever had something that you’ve put off, and at the start it wasn’t such a big deal, but you didn’t want to deal with it straight away (for whatever reason) but like that put off bramble, over time, it just seemed to become a bigger and bigger deal? Then when you did get around to dealing with it it had begun to be quite deep rooted and, in your head, became such a big job that you then just didn’t know how you were going to do it?
The strange thing is, is that most people do this, we put something off, that we could easily do there and then, we put it off, then we build it up in our heads to be a bigger job than it was, put it off more and more. Often this then prevents us from doing other things, because we know we have to do this ‘thing’ first! So actually just like that bramble, because we ignore it, we don’t do anything about it and it grows and grows stopping all the other plants from growing.
The silly thing is is that we know this is going to happen, if we don’t tackle the bramble it will grow and then it will be a bigger job when we do get around to it, but if we just do it right when the first shoots are there ~ problem solved, well there isn’t a problem is there!
In reality it’s just a habit, and one that we can change if we choose to. It’s just about tackling things as they occur (if it can be dealt with then of course) and not allowing yourself to get into the habit of ‘putting off!’ but getting into a habit of just ‘doing’.
This can be a bit of a challenge and it’s all about becoming aware of what you are doing and responding. So maybe think of it as a challenge! Challenge yourself for this week to just be aware of when you say ‘I’ll do that tomorrow, later, in a minute’ and then just take a moment to pause and ask yourself ‘why can’t I do it now?’ If there isn’t a reason, then it’s really simple ~ you just get on with it!
You’ll be surprised at how quickly your garden will become more weed free!


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