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How do you like your eggs in the morning?

by | 02/03/2017 | Doing Business, Events, Leadership, Sand Art Pictures, Uncategorized

Every morning I listen to Chris Evans on the Breakfast show, and this little song potters round my head all day.  But it’s one of those subtle memory joggers that reminds us that there are lots of different people who enjoy the same thing but not necessarily in the same way.

And this is the case with Sand Art pictures too.

I’ll never forget taking a telephone call from a corporate customer who didn’t have time to choose designs and just asked me to send him 300 pictures – “anything, any designs, it doesn’t matter”.   And so we did, we carefully selected a mixed collection of our top sellers, a mix of pictures suitable for older children, some for younger children, and sent them off to him.

Two days later I had a very irate customer on the phone, who was very upset, he was cross that we’d sent him “old stock” pictures that no-one else wanted.  I assured him that many were that season’s new pictures, and the others were popular core pictures but he wasn’t for shifting.  And he then berated me for not sending a list of pictures which he preferred, which were ironically our much slower moving lines.

You see the thing was, he was choosing pictures on the basis of whether or not he liked them, a fifty something year old, world weary man, who to be honest hadn’t ever actually sat and made a picture himself.   He wasn’t looking at them from the perspective of a child and thinking was this a picture that an 8 year old, or a 4 year old, or a 12 year old, would enjoy. He didn’t see the options for creative fun in choosing and mixing colours for different sections, he saw the “thing” rather than the opportunities.

I am reminded by this frequently when our consultants talk together about pictures that they do or do not like, and what we hear over and over again is that one person’s top selling picture is another persons slowest selling picture, and it reminds us how often people make judgements about a products sale-ability based simply on whether or not they personally like it.

So, what makes the difference? why do pictures sell fast for one consultant and slowly for another?   Ask yourself these questions about your slowest selling picture:

  1. Do you personally like it?
  2. Do you have one coloured in? (Usually not, be honest, because you don’t really like it, so you haven’t bothered).
  3. Does that picture have prime position on your display, or is  it kind of tucked around the back because you don’t really like it.
  4. Is it a picture that you frequently point out to children and tell them how much fun it is?

I know your answers to these questions.  So I challenge you, next time you are out, take your slowest selling picture, put it up front, prominent and colourful, get out and make it yourself on the table, get excited about it, lots of talk, lots of smiles, and see how many you sell that day.