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Guiding Star Award Winners 2017

by | 17/10/2017 | Doing Business

The Guiding Star is always one of the highlights of the year for me.  It is amazing to see written down all the respect and love that there is for eachother throughout the company, and inparticular what strikes out, is that it isn’t simply teambased, we have leaders nominating consultants, and we have an awful lot of cross team nominations – recognising that everyone in the company impacts in ways we do not anticipate on other people all over the company.

Nominations for the Consultant Guiding Star Award:

Jodi signed up under myself and within a short amount of time she placed her first order, Got an event booked and managed to sign up Roz. Jodi got stuck right in and sets her stall up beautifully. Jodi is a lovely person and is always very engaging and helpful on our team page. I’m glad to have Jodi on my team 🙂

Judith inspires me with all of her events and is always on hand to give advice when I ask questions in our group.

Lisa has worked very hard this year , supporting the team and becoming more visible within the group. She is always there to support her upline and share hints and tips with everyone not just her immediate team mates but all within KBH unselfishly. She will make a great team leader and l am enjoying watching her grow.

Lisa is my up line, since before I started with Kids Bee Happy and now she has helped and guided me through. She is always available to me when ever I have a question or just need some advice.

What did I do before Lisa joined the team, she has worked so hard at her business and has shown her teamies and myself support in many areas, she helps with any questions within the team , always wants to be there to support anyone and she’s going to make a great team leader, don’t stop shining my wee superstar


Nominations for the Leaders Guiding Star Award

As many of you are aware, I have had a lot of personal issues since I started with KBH and without Debbie being there, I wouldn’t be where I am now Debbie is a true inspiration to absolutely anyone, with her chin up, a smile and sense of humour it’s enough to brighten anyone’s day. Due to my visual impairment I have struggled a lot this year to motivate and challenge myself to my full capacity. Despite all of my moaning and messaging/calling Debbie, she is the one who’s got me through this. There’s been times when I was going to step down, pass my team to Debbie and walk away. Again, Debbie dragged me from the dungeon, gave me a good dressing down and got me back on my feet. Such an amazing lady considering what she has been through herself this year. From working with Debbie, she’s not just my KBH family but a fantastic friend who would help anyone who was in need. I couldn’t ask for anyone better to be working alongside and supporting me through my KBH journey. All I can say is thank you so much to Debbie, a true inspiration to not only myself but the support she’s given my team and helped them through tough times too. There’s been some VERY needy people not only on my team but on hers too. She’s got the patience of a saint Thank you Debbie for absolutely everything you have done.

Jennifer helped me with any questions before i joined KBH and has done great since i joined. very supportive and helps whenever she can

From the moment I have joined, Katy has always been so helpful and supportive. She will go that extra mile to help. She responds quickly when advice is needed. Definitely deserves this award!

Michelle has had a lot to deal with this year and still comes out fighting and stronger, although I know she doesn’t think so. I’m nominating her as she always works hard to get herself back on top and I know she can continue doing so if needed.

Yvonne has always been there for me as a leader and a friend, even through everything she has gone through this last year. Even now, when she is supposed to be resting she is supporting her team and helping them grow. A real inspiration and someone I look up too.

Yvonne has been a true leader in every sense since I have been with KBH. Yvonne is always there to answer a question, super quick to respond and often replies at the midnight hour as well as the crack of dawn! I actually think she may be a vampire in secret lol. Yvonne has achieved team builder herself this year despite having major brain surgery and the worries that come with it. She is clearly determined with her own business which again is a great role model for us all. Yvonne will always offer to help with my new team members if i need it such as a welcome call if I’m working away with my day job, or tagging a new consultant in to important information if fb gremlins are causing havoc. She truly makes every consultant to the team feel welcome and included whether a newbie or heading towards team builder. Thanks Yvonne for being such a star during such a difficult year for you!

Yvonne has had a year full of ups & downs and throughout all of this she is always cheerful and I love when I get a message saying Hiya Chuck, she was there for me when I was at my lowest earlier this year and despite her own health issues she never ceases to make me smile, she’s is an amazing person & leader this has shown with her becoming the 1st business leader in the company.

Caroline Has been available all hours for help support advice and reassurance. Is very humble in her approach to all aspects and often recognises others above herself. She is a glowing aspiration to me and my team.

I nominate Caroline again this year. She demonstrates everything that Kids Bee Happy represents. She is committed 100% to her team and KBH. Always going above and beyond to offer advice and business tips with endless patience. This year she has taken on the leadership role with gusto and faced many of her personal fears. Caroline is a shining light and wonderful example that any or every consultant can learn from but more importantly learn together with.

Caroline is a rock to her team. For me she has become my best friend as well as leader. She is constantly thinking about everyone else’s business. Not just her own. I am proud to know and love this wonderful lady. X

Lauren is an amazing leader and always has an ear to lend for any consultant whether in her team or anyone else’s, she’s an amazing person and helps others and always there to bounce ideas off, happy to call her my friend too.

Always there with advise and nothing is too much for her. I was put onto Lauren’s team after the fantastic Sandra stepped down and she has been a great leader to me.

Although not my upline, Lauren has always been a support on a personal as well as business level for me. Nothing is too much trouble for her.