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Gem McCallum Talks about her Sand Art workshop with Dementia Patients

by | 31/01/2017 | Consultants Stories, Uncategorized

Gem McCallum, Senior Consultants with Kids Bee Happy, talks to us about a recent sand art workshop that she ran at a care home in Cramlington, where one of the residents, Cannon Jack, really enjoyed the sand art experience.

As we tidied up Dawn told me a little bit about jack and it turns out before he became to frail and infirm he had actually been a well respected Cannon and had been highly thought of in churches in the area. He had come to the home when his dementia was well advanced but loved nothing more than watching and feeding the residents birds in the area we held the workshop so it was a stroke of luck i had, had my last bird picture with me that day.
I have a few favourites at my sessions I know we shouldn’t but I especially loved Betty the moody old blind lady who i helped do a picture of a bat for their Halloween party by guiding her hands around the picture and explaining exactly what was happening but Jack i have to say has been my favourite! Oh the stories these men and women have to tell!