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GDPR – What do YOU need to do

by | 03/04/2018 | Business News, Business Skills, Leadership, Marketing, Training

Why does this affect me?

Last month we talked about how Kids Bee Happy head office is getting ready for GDPR, so this month we’re turning the tables and giving a simple guide for the steps that you as consutlants need to take in your own business.  GDPR affects every business, no matter how big or small.

There is lots of “noise” around GDPR, so what we want to do is condense it down to 2 core principles:

(1) Any identifying data that you hold must be held in a secure and safe manner.  You need to have taken steps to assess that it is suitably secure.

(2) Customers data should only be used for the express purposes for which they have provided it to you.

But what does this really mean??

Well, firstly, it means If a customer gives you their email address as contact details when they are ordering products from you, you cannot then send them emails about new products, workshops, or special offers.

It means that if you have an email list, then those people need to have explicitly given you their consent to send them marketing emails.   And the chances are that if this list has been built over a number of months, and that YOU have added the names to it (rather than the customers adding themselves) then they probably haven’t given you marketing consent.

It means that its not safe enough just to keep this email list as a group or contacts list in gmail, or outlook.  It needs to held somewhere secure, where you can properly identify the people on the list, and where they can unsubscribe if they wish.

So what do I need to do now?

  1. Update your paper sign up sheets –  make sure that the sheet includes a clear statement telling them how you will use the data collected, and add an extra box on for them to sign that they agree to their information being used in this way.  Throw away any leftovers from last year, so that you can be sure that all new contact details are collected specifically with marketing consent.
  2. Don’t collect any information that you don’t need.  EG – You do not need their address.
  3. If you don’t have a mailchimp account click here to <a href=””>Register Free Account with Mailchimp</a>.
  4. Signup for our Zoom call to walk through mailchimp and how to get a new list and sign up form set up:
  5. Send out an email to your existing list including the link for them to sign up to the new mailchimp newsletter.
  6. Only send marketing emails via mailchimp from May onwards

We are recommending Mailchimp its easier for us as a company to provide one set of training.  And because firstly, its free for you.  Secondly, we know that it includes all the unsubscribe links etc automatically that will ensure that people can remove themselves from your list.  Thirdly, we also know that there are hundreds of youtubes and other information resources out there that will talk you through anything that you want to do.

You can use anyother app that you like, but please make sure that you use it properly.

What do I put on my paper sign up sheets?

Copy and paste the following:

To sign up to [Your business name]’s email list please add your contact details, and sign to show you give your consent for us to send you events, news and special offers by email.  We send out a newsletter no more than once a month, and you can unsubscribe from the newsletter at any time by clicking the link in each newsletter.

Fields on your signup sheet:

  • First name
  • Last name
  • Email address
  • Mobile number (Optional)
  • Would you like me to contact you about a specific event you have in mind?
  • Please sign here to show you have given your consent for me to contact you.

You don’t need any other information.  Any other information you are gathering is because you think that you might want it, rather than because you actually need it.  Be honest, it’s true.