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Don’t be a Pain – Booking Events the KBH Way

by | 11/10/2017 | Doing Business

At Kids Bee Happy we operate as a family – helping and supporting other consultants, and one aspect of business where this is really important is when it comes to arranging bookings.

Kids Bee Happy has an OUTSTANDING reputation amongst event organisers throughout the country, and this is because our consultants turn up, they provide an excellent activity, in a professional and polite way, at a value for money price, that their visitors thoroughly enjoy and adds value to their event – and it is for these reasons that they re-book time and time again.

So, it is part of every KBH consultant’s duty to help maintain that reputation, and to ensure that this is the case we ask that you follow these simple rules:

  1. Don’t Grab – Don’t block book every event that you can get your hands on – firstly make sure that you are free that day, and able to get to the event, and importantly, not likely to drop or cancel that event if something closer to home comes along.
  2. Don’t Double Book – Do not book more than 1 event that you need to be at on the same day.  If you are taking bookings on the basis of providing a borrow box – that fine – but if the organisers really want a consultant there, don’t book more than 1 event for the same date/time.
  3. Review your Diary regularly, and make sure that any double bookings, or events you can no longer attend, are highlighted as soon as possible – don’t leave it to the last moment in the hope that suddenly you’ll be able to be in two places at the same time – you wont be, and you’ll have a disappointed event organiser and frustrated team members.
  4. Don’t Cancel – Never ever cancel an event simply because you can’t be there.  Firstly offer it to your team mates, secondly offer it through the company, and then lastly talk to them about a borrow box.

If you find yourself going through the process regularly of asking in your teams for people to cover your events then you are doing something wrong.  Yes, we appreciate that at times there will always be a family clash, or a sick child, or something that just makes it impossible for you to be there.  However, if you find that you are doing this regularly, then this indicates that you are booking in events without thinking it through properly.

We ask you to book events properly and with consideration, because if you don’t it has huge implications for the wider Kids Bee Happy family. firstly, we have a lot of upset and frustrated consultants – who contact event organisers to be told that a KBH consultant is already booked, and then later find out that actually the person can’t do it.  And secondly, the KBH name gets trashed throughout the local community as event organisers start seeing KBH consultants as a “flakey” booking, someone who’s likely to cancel, rather than sustain that gold plated reputation that we have at the moment.

Basically – we can summarise this this in two quick words – Be Considerate – for both your team mates and the event organisers.  Play the long game, build good relationships and you will have a good long term business, happy event organisers, and team mates there to support you.