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Direct Sales offers a solution to squeezed household incomes.

by | 04/04/2017 | Balancing Family and Business, Products, Uncategorized

With the announcement today of another wrath of austerity measures coming this week, many people will be looking for ways to close the gap between shrinking incomes and those ever rising costs.  One such solution is Direct Sales, which offers an easy low cost way of setting up a business, with the advantage of business support and a product already on the market. 

Currently, in the UK, thousands of people use Direct Sales to create an extra income stream, taking advantage of the ability to work at times that fit in around other jobs, and family commitments. But, can a direct sales business really generate enough income to make a difference to your household budget?

Typicaly companies offer commissions of 20-35% but if you look around, there are some like Kids Bee Happy that offer up to 50% or higher.  At Kids Bee Happy instead of selling products and receiving a fixed commission, you buy your products at proper wholesale prices giving you the ability to generate instant profits.

But how easy is it for someone to start a business like this? With Kids Bee Happy the answer is very easy. With Teams to help and support you, intutative products, and online training you can jump straight in and be making proper profits by the end of the week. You don’t need business experience, it really is that easy and straight forward.

Too good to be true? It can’t be as easy as that?  It really is. Just talk to one of our consultants today to find out more.