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December Newsletter

by | 01/12/2016 | KBH News, Uncategorized

Winston Churchill once said

” I like things to happen and if they don’t happen, I like to make them happen”


Well Team KBH, I think you took a leaf out of his book in November as you really made it happen all month.


Many congratulations to you all especially brand new consultants, Leone Edwards and Jeneane Warhurst who started their KBH business off with a bang. Lots of profit before Christmas, which is what we love to see at KBH 🙂

Let’s also congratulate other KBH stars of November.



Top Sales 💥

  1. Claire Rothwell
  2. Judith Smurthwaite
  3. Christine Bennett
  4. Katy Reed
  5. Zara Lister


Top Team Builder🍾

  1. Yvonne Johnson


Top Team🎆

  1. Katy’s Creatives
  2. Hunny Pots
  3. Bee Awesome


Top Activity🎉

  1. Hunny Pots


Top Business Builder

  1. Katy Reed
  2. Christine Bennett
  3. Yvonne Johnson


You really rock team and really it’s not surprising when your leaders really do lead by example in the magnificent way that they do, I’m just bursting with pride here 🙂


I know that you love hearing the personal stories of your fellow consultants and this month it’s the turn of Louise Hawley who started her business off with a bang and has continued to be successful month after month.

My KBH Journey

My name is Louise Hawley and I am 38 Years young. I am married to Lee and we have 2 children together. I am also mother to 2 other girls and step mum to 3 boys plus a grandma to 1 little boy. I have 2 dogs Bane and Rolo and a hamster called Kevin. I was born in Luton but live in Oldham, Manchester.

My KBH journey first started in 2015 when I came across the web site whilst browsing for Christmas presents for the kids. I wrote the name down and continued to look for gifts. After the new year I decided to take a better look into Kids Bee Happy, and signed up as a consultant. I received a call from Sally and was told all about this fantastic company. I was placed under Clare Dervan and within 3 hours of Sally ringing I was chatting with Clare.

We arranged a meeting at my house the next day where I met Clare and got to see the products “I was hooked” and that night I had done my training set up my page and placed my first order. I was that excited I made an event on Facebook that night to have a sand party at my house the following week and invited all my friends. The day of the party came and I was very nervous, I had borrowed Clare’s table and had it set up and had made up some packs ready to be bought and taken away. I didn’t need to be nervous “I sold out” and took orders I was totally shocked. I ordered more products and decided to book an event, again this event came and again I was nervous but I didn’t need to be as everyone who I encountered was totally amazed with the product.

I have been to many parties and events some have been fantastic others not so good, I have met lots of lovely people, I had no intention to build my own team this just happened and in February I was made senior consultant and I started earning my bonuses and commissions and in March I became a Team Leader of my own team (Buzzy Bees), it has not been easy having my own team but I wouldn’t want it any other way. With hard work and determination, I am planning on climbing to Senior Team Leader in the new year.

After winning VIP before conference and then getting 2nd in top sales I was totally shocked to receive the Sally Tears Award. I am keeping my fingers crossed to get a place at the SPA (which will be needed after all the events I have coming up). I am looking forward to Christmas 2016 as it is such a fantastic time of year and with the products that Kids Bee Happy have I know my family Christmas is going to be magical and success really does start with the second letter.

Thanks for sharing Louise and I’m sure that you will have inspired other consultants to take their business forward in the new year 🙂


So, Team KBH, on to December and the month where all things are possible.


This is the final month of the Spa incentive and everything is still to play for. it’s so close between 12 of you for the 5 top sales place and 10 of you are neck and neck with active recruits for the 5 team building Spa places AND then of course are the 6 vacant places for head office heroes, it’s so exciting to watch your progress and see how well you are doing. Right now there are 8 of you who have made the Head Office “one to watch” list but that could all change too by someone really pushing their KBH boat out this month and doing something above and beyond 🙂

Why don’t we have a little KBH FUN and help you enjoy making even more fabulous profits and having even more to spend at Christmas.


Welcome to the KBH 12 days of Christmas

We know how much you all love the Christmas Decorations so we want to see how inventive you can be and how many extra sales you can make.

The 12 days of Christmas will run from the 9th of December to the 20th December which means that if you join in the fun, you will make more profits and also earn some fun rewards from KBH that will be posted out to you in time for Christmas. isn’t that great?

We want you to think of NEW selling opportunities that you haven’t thought of before or have planned for December for selling Christmas Decorations.

So the challenge is how many packs of extra Christmas decs can you sell within the 12 days of Christmas. It doesn’t matter if the packs are in 3’s / 10s/ 30s or 60s it’s up to you to be inventive and create those extra opportunities for extra sales.


You have 8 days to plan your strategy and order your extra decs and on the 9th I will open an event page where you can list your extra sales and profits daily. You can reorder more decs in that period the more inventive you become 🙂

The 5 consultants who are the most inventive as judged by HO will win a laminator each ( just a must have to make your display leaflets look professional) 😎

But there’s more……………

For all of you who take part you will all receive a pack of 10 Christmas decs and a KBH key ring, perfect as give aways to a great customer and fabulous for keeping your own kids happy on Christmas Eve for free.

So team KBH, over to you to get your thinking caps on, you might want to pool your ideas as a team, you might want to think drop and goes wherever there is a queue for Santa, you might want to see how many packs you can sell to other stall holders at your events ( this could lead to stall holders who aren’t doing as well as you with their businesses, looking to move over to KBH in January) you might want to think………………………….

Have the most successful December, exceed your dreams, leave your comfort zone in November and make it happen, we’re all right behind you and ready to applaud you and send your rewards.