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Children’s Franchise Company included in list of UK Top Startups

by | 23/07/2012 | Awards, Business Start Up, Featured, Uncategorized

Kids Bee Happy received a fabulous boost last week when Startups included Kids Bee Happy in it’s prestigious Startups100 list.

The Startups100 is a bi-annual roundup of the most “creative, original, disruptive and downright impressive new companies and exciting startups in the UK”, and previous winners include companies that have grown to become impressive and forthright businesses including Huddle, Wonga, and Zoopla.

“Being recognised as one of the UK’s top startups is phenominal” said Alistair Patterson, Director of Kids Bee Happy.  “But the biggest compliment I think comes from the “disruptive” tag.  Kids Bee Happy is all about doing franchising a bit different, and shaking it up so being described as original, creative and disruptive is indeed a compliment”.

“It’s absolutely great to included in a such a great list of Startup companies.  Being part of the entrepreneurial-spark movement really brings home just how many great businesses there are in the UK at the moment that most people are completely unaware of, determinedly getting on everyday.  And it’s these startup businesses who have the greatest ability to create jobs, and make a positive impact in the UK economy.”

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