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Award Winning Products

by | 01/02/2018 | Doing Business

Last week Kids Bee Happy was awarded the FSB Scotland award for Business and Product Innovation.  We are very fortunate that as a company we receive many awards over the years, but this award is a special one, and not just for the company, but also for all of you too – as consultants and leaders.


Because this award says that we are proud to do it differently.  Instead of sticking to the same-old-same-old we are brave enough to look at things fresh and anew and say “What works for our customers?”  “What works for our consultants?”

Shortly after launching Kids Bee Happy, using a very traditional direct sales commission structure, we realised that it didn’t work for us.  As a company we believed that the work and effort our consultants put in every month was worth a lot more than 20%, or perhaps 30% after a couple of promotions and with some team members.  So we were brave, we sat down with our infamous blank piece of paper, and decided that create a new structure where consultants could buy at proper wholesale price, and buy “proper” we mean the same as the corporate customers, no just that age-old retail price less 20% commission.

We also decided that our consultants weren’t sales agents, they are business people.  And business people are in control of their own business, and have the freedom to set their own pricing, and to grow their business the way that suits them.

And now we have decided to become a 21st Century flexible working opportunity.  We have decided that it’s not right for a team builder to loose their team just because they are ill, or having a baby, or unable to be out and about with their business 24/7.  So we have created a new Non Active Leader status for business builders (and upwards) who are excellent at building and supporting their teams, and perfectly able to continue doing so during times that they aren’t able to be out and about with their own personal business.  We believe that we are the first direct sales company to create such an opportunity, and to mould our direct sales business around the needs and situations of 21st Century Parents.

So, next time, when someone asks you what “Award Winning” means – you can tell them – its about doing things differently, doing them innovatively, and doing them right for our customers and consultants.  And that is something that we are very very proud of.