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Are you one of the Families who struggle to cover 16 weeks of childcare?

by | 12/04/2017 | Balancing Family and Business, Business Skills, Business Start Up, Kids Bee Happy Business Opportunities, Women in Business

Did you know that the School Year is only 36 weeks long?  That leaves 16 weeks a year that the children need holiday care.  16 weeks!  That’s a lot, that’s 112 days, or nearly a third of the year!

Even if you are a two parent household, both of you with full time employment contracts, and you both take holiday at completely different times with absolutely no overlap, you will still have on average 7 whole weeks a year where your children are on holiday and you need to go to work.  You start that infamous Childcare Juggle – holiday camps, play dates, care clubs, grandparents, friends and babysitters, all called in to help ensure that your children are well looked after whilst you are able to go out and earn.  And its even harder for those parents without family nearby, or single parents.

No wonder that each school holiday social media is full of memes and long gin filled rambling posts from stressed out parents.


It’s a story that we hear all too often, “it just doesn’t work”, “it puts so much stress on our family”, “I don’t even enjoy my job”, “there must be a better way”.

So, how can we make it better?

As term-time only jobs are still very rare, one of the solutions that thousands of UK families use is a flexible work from home job, and there are a number of Direct Sales companies in the UK that offer parents the opportunity to work when it suits them and continue bringing in a decent income.

Kids Bee Happy director Sandra Patterson tells us “Over half of our consultants have young families.  When it comes to holidays they have the ability to set their own clear boundaries of when they do and do not want to work, which lets them plan to suit themselves and their families.  And as our products are so family orientated, many of our consultants simply take their children along with them particularly when “work” is a sand art event at a farm park, a softplay centre, or a community event, or even a workshop that they’ve planned and organised themselves.  The children love helping out and joining in.  Kids Bee Happy consultants make an average of 50% profit on their sales, a couple of events during the Easter period can earn enough income for treats and trips for their family which really does help everyone enjoy the school holidays more.”

“So many direct sales companies advertise to consultants the ability to work around your family, but with Kids Bee Happy it is very different, you really do have the chance to work WITH you family.  Over the years I’ve taken my children to “work” at some of the UK’s biggest festivals, airshows, stately homes and palaces, theme parks, agricultural shows, food festivals, and countless family fundays and community events, my youngest daughter used to come along with us everywhere and loved being able to help out as well as having opportunity to enjoy the day.  My husband and I took turns at the Airshows so that we both got the chance to really enjoy the displays, however, I do have to confess that when we do the music festivals I organise my “shifts” to make sure that i’m always the one free to watch the big bands, but our workshops usually finish by teatime, leaving us with a great evening to relax and enjoy the headline acts as a family.

Watching Texas headline at Tartan Heart Festival, with my children fast asleep on a purple inflatable sofa in front of us in the middle of the festival arena is definitely one of my most favourite family memories.   And instead of us having to pay out a couple of hundred pounds for full weekend camping tickets, we’d have the privilege of “production” passes and leaving with more money than we came with – definitely not the norm at festivals!  My husband is not a natural camper, and so without Kids Bee Happy we’d never have persuaded him to go to festivals, and I love the fact that my children who are now teenagers are already festival experts – something that I never got to experience until I was in my forties.”

To find out more about how Kids Bee Happy can help you out of the Childcare Juggle Jungle, then talk to one of our consultants or visit our website.