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Are you nervous about meeting new people?

by | 28/09/2017 | Business Skills, Conference 2017, Events, Training

As I’m busy sat here finalising the agenda for Conference, a lovely blog post came through my inbox called Comfortable Networking for Introverts, which has lots of helpful tips for introverts who don’t normally do networking or conferences, on how to take the anxiety out of the day.

If you’ve already bought your conference ticket you’ll know that this year we’re having a pre-conference social, a chance to get to know eachother, with a glass or wine (or soft drink!), before the main event kicks off.  At Kids Bee Happy we’re lucky that we have such a lovely family atmosphere, but even with all of this we still have lots of consultants who haven’t met consultants outside of their team, and some who might not ever have met anyone else in “real life”.  And so on Friday night we’ve got a lovely opportunity just to meet, chat and get to know each other better, so that when we get into main day the one thing that everyone will have in common is that they will know lots of other people in the room.

If you want to read Lucia’s post on Comfortable Networking, it’s here – meantime –  I’m looking forward to meeting you next Friday.