The Low Cost, Flexible, Family Franchise

In this complicated modern world that we live in, balancing a decent quality family life, with money and work is becoming increasingly difficult.  Throw into that mix childcare costs as expensive for some families as the mortgage costs, and the pressures that many people face working in an environment that they don’t particularly enjoy, and its not surprising that many people feel there has to be a better way.

It’s no surprise that its women in their 30’s and early 40’s that are most likely to start up their own business, as this is when all these contradictory pressures all seem to collide.  Self employment offers families a chance to set their own priorities.  To balance work and family as they best wish, and to have the flexibility to adapt and change as circumstances arise.

Kids Bee Happy is a low cost family friendly franchise that was created to offer people this very alternative.

Kids Bee Happy is the first in the UK to bring Sand Art to children.  A low cost franchise that enables you to run parties, events and entertainment for children in a wide variety of venues and formats, in your local area.  Sand Art is a fantastic activity.  Perfectly suited for Boys and Girls, aged from 3 to 14 years old, and for all abilities.  It gives children the opportunity to get hands on and to create fantastic pictures using brightly coloured sand, whilst in a set up and format that is virtually mess free, portable, and perfect for all environments.

At £2,495+vat the franchise is one of the cheapest franchises available in the UK.  And it is genuinely low cost.  With no ongoing monthly marketing fees, management fees or Royalties.  It also includes all stock, equipment and marketing materials that you need to get instantly trading.  No hidden costs, no assumed assets.  It is a simple, transparent and low cost franchise.

So, this blog here is where we discuss the news, views and articles associated with starting a business, the challenges of balancing work and family, and all other relevant issues.

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