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A Little Thank you with a Big Difference

by | 01/05/2017 | Andrea Morrison, Mindset and Life Coach Skills, Uncategorized

You may wonder what saying thank you has anything to do with you feeling good, it might make the other person feel better, but would it make you feel better too?

Just think for a moment about how much we take in our society. We rush about from place to place interacting with many different people, people that we probably just ignore.  We may interact with teachers, bus drivers, shop assistants, work colleagues and children throughout our day – we ask (‘single to town please’, ‘just this’ and sometimes not even verbally just an eye raise and a nod!), they give (equally with probably just an eye raise or nod), we take (and walk off)! The list is endless! How many times did you say stop for a moment and thank the person you were dealing with? Or if you did how did you say it? Was it a quick ‘thanks’ with no eye contact as you were walking off? Or was it a meaningful thank you?

We can always find time to find fault with what people have done or not done in our opinion, what they should be doing or how they should be doing it! But rarely do we find time to thank them for something that they have done well. We know ourselves that when someone finds fault or criticises us it doesn’t make us feel positive or happy and equally, when someone praises us and thanks us for our work the difference that makes to how we feel ~ chances are it feels pretty good! It really doesn’t matter how small that person’s contribution in our life is, surely, they deserve to be thanked properly for it.

So for today, be thankful for what the people around you have done, however little that may be. We are all human, and when people praise us or appreciate what we do, we react positively and generally want to give more.

At the start of this, I said you may wonder what saying thank you has anything to do with you feeling good well here is the connection. When we interact positively with people, they tend to follow suit and react positively, so when we thank someone meaningfully, the chances are that they will react in a positive way, it may be a smile or a comment, but the chances are you will have made a positive difference to how that person is feeling ~ they may have had ten unappreciative and grumpy people before you, and you take the trouble to thank them, that’s bound to make their day better! That feeling that you did this is a great feeling to have! If you don’t believe me try it out!

Saying thank you takes minutes, so the next time you are in a shop, or restaurant, or your kids or partner help out, say thank you – not just a quick ‘thanks’ but a proper, meaningful, thank you. Then notice the response you get from them, and how it makes you feel to have this interaction, I would guess that 99% of the time you feel pretty good!