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Working Christmas Day with my Family

by | 16/01/2013 | Balancing Family and Business, Uncategorized

This Christmas day we spent a little different from normal.  A typical Christmas day for us was very much the same as for thousands of families all over the UK.  Kids, presents, home, family, food, games, TV, lots of chocolate after the kids have gone to bed.  Only two Christmases stand out as being very different, the first, when I was 10 years old and my grandmothers Alsatian came downstairs with my grandfathers false teeth in its mouth and all of the grownups had had a drink or two too many, and a Christmas a couple of years ago where my kitchen lightbulbs blew and shattered shards of glass landed all over the kitchen worktops at 10am, landing on the uncooked Turkey, in the saucepans, and all over my neatly wrapped pigs in blankets.

So, when the Mercure Ardoe Aberdeen invited us along to provide entertainment at their Christmas Family Lunch, we thought, why not, lets give it a go.

So, the first thing that I must admit I really did appreciate was not having to do that Supermarket shopping thing, no panic about getting all the Christmas lunch stuff in, no crusade to buy cream and brussel sprouts (which I NEVER buy any other time of the year).  That was nice, very chilling simply not to have to bother with that.

The second big thing was the Santa thing, which for us was OK because this year both of my girls stopped believing in Santa and instantly came over to the other side, with the bonus that I know have my very own pair of little Christmas Elves, packing, wrapping, buying and sorting in such an efficient way that Amazon fulfillment would be proud.

So, Christmas morning for us was Presents, in bed of course, a huge cooked breakfast with Champagne, a lovely dip in the pool with as many Christmas present toys that we could get, and a hot chocolate in front of the fire.  Then off to work.

111 Sand Art pictures made by Aberdeen children and hotel guests over the 3 hour lunch, with the older children popping in and out between courses, the younger children bringing their mums and dads, grannies and grandpas in turns.  Meantime my girlies retreated back to the hotel room to find out just what you can get on room service on Christmas morning.

And here’s a BIG hats off to the Mercure Ardoe Aberdeen.  I honestly know not of any other hotel, anywhere, whose reception staff would carefully and painstakingly find and change Furby batteries in the middle of Christmas lunch.  For that, my daughter will always remember your hotel!

Kids Bee Happy has a very quick set up and clear down, which is good, so after about 20 minutes clearing up at the end of lunch that was us all finished off.  Time to change, posh dresses for the girls and me, a lovely drink in the fireside bar, and a great evening with live entertainment.

But somehow we still managed to finish the evening with slightly too many chocolates consumed when the girls had fallen asleep -somethings never change.

So – working Christmas day – the ultimate no-no as far as many people who have any choice are concerned.  What was it like for me – fabulous!  Did we ALL enjoy it – yes, particularly because of the staff at the Mercure Ardoe.  Would we do it again – YOU BET!!

2012-12-25 09.53.21One of the hotel guests was a little tired out after his busy evening the night before Christmas!