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Top 5% Annual Sales to April 2018

I am delighted to say that as the number of active Kids Bee Happy consultants gets longer, we get to make this list longer to!  Recognising 17 people this month in the top 5% of Annual Sales.  Congratulations to you all, and here is the list in Alphabetical Order:...

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Kids Bee Happy Top 5% For last 12 Months

The following consultants (in alphabetical order) have all sustained excellent sales over the last 12 months, to be recognised in the Kids Bee Happy top 5%: Adele Emmerson-Ryan Caroline Doran Claire Rothwell Isla Duncan Jennifer O'Hanlon Judith Smurthwaite Karen Ord...

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Kids Bee Happy Top 10% Sales for the March 2018

It's leaderboard time - and here are the top Sales people for March 2018.  A huge congratulations to Tobi for topping the leaderboard during her first month, to Kate Fletcher for being second AND completing the quick start, and to Emma Turney who qualified as Team...

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Kids Bee Happy Top 5% for Year to January 2018

It's time to give recognition to those people who are consistently giving their all to Kids Bee Happy, and whose continue efforts over the past 12 months have put them into the top 5%. Winners in Alphabetical Order: Adele Emmerson-Ryan Caroline Doran Christine Bennett...

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Award Winning Products

Last week Kids Bee Happy was awarded the FSB Scotland award for Business and Product Innovation.  We are very fortunate that as a company we receive many awards over the years, but this award is a special one, and not just for the company, but also for all of you too...

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Kids Bee Happy Top 10% Month of January

It's time to give recognition to those people who have reached the top for Top Sales for the Month of January.  Congratulations to everyone on the list. Winners in Top Sales, in order for the month are as follows: Jean Hills Kate Fletcher Lisa Champion Isla Duncan...

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